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The Igloo Tag

The Igloo Tag

The igloo tag is your guarantee of authenticity!

Established in 1958 by the Canadian government, the Igloo Tag Trademark has been the internationally-recognized symbol of authenticity for Inuit visual arts for over six decades.

On March 9, 2017, the Inuit Art Foundation took full ownership and control of this iconic mark from the federal government. Now, for the first time in its history, the Igloo Tag is led by Inuit to ensure protection of the Inuit art market.

A New Direction

Since 2017, the IAF has been undertaking a significant evaluation and overhaul of the program, building on its strong legacy of brand awareness and support for Inuit artists to extend its positive benefits to more artists throughout Canada. By adapting the mark’s administration to centre Inuit leadership and reflect the realities of current Inuit artistic practices, the revitalized program will result in significant capacity building activities for artists and increased strengthening of the Inuit arts economy.

Today, the IAF is reimagining the program’s management to be Inuit-led and directly responsive to the needs of Inuit artists for the first time. To do this the IAF has been engaged in extensive consultation with artists and cultural workers across Inuit Nunangat.

Authenticate your Purchase

For over six decades, this iconic mark has been administered by way of authorized Inuit art distributors and dealers, protecting artists from cultural appropriation, fraud and theft and allowing collectors to buy with peace of mind.

Today, there are six active legacy licensees as well as additional newly signed licensees that are permitted to use the tag as a guarantee of authenticity.