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A very traditional Inuit community, Whale Cove is located on the sheltered west coast of Hudson Bay, south of Rankin Inlet, in the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut. A ridge of rock surrounds the community, and the permafrost extends to one metre.

During the fall, beluga whales congregate off the coast and are the symbol of Whale Cove.

The community remains very traditional to the Inuit culture, with residents relying heavily on hunting and fishing for both food and artisan materials, using dog-sleds for transportation, eating raw meat and fish, and wearing clothes made of natural fur and hide.

With no road access to Whale Cove, the region must rely on air transport. Whale Cove has much to offer its visitors, from fishing and hunting expeditions, arctic camping and wildlife watching, land and water tours, to easy-going dog sled rides and whale watching.