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The island community of Qikiqtarjuaq is located in the Davis Strait, off the east coast of Baffin Island, about 96 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. It is the northern access point for the Auyuittuq National Park.

Qikiqtarjuaq is called the iceberg capital of the world. The northern cape, near the community, captures many of the icebergs that travel down the Davis Strait from Greenland.

Qikiqtarjuaq means “big island” in Inuktitut, even though the island that the community calls home is only about 16 kilometres long and 12 kilometres wide.

Inuktitut is the language of choice, although an increasing number of people speak English.

The island and its surrounding area are home to spectacular landforms and wildlife including walruses, polar bears, seals, narwhals, belugas and bowhead whales. Hunting and fishing are still important parts of daily life, and families will often spend much of their time ‘on the land’ during spring and summer.

Artists in the community use whalebone and stone to create their sculptures. Stone colours vary from light to dark greens and black. The community is known for its traditional sealskin parkas and kamiit boots.

Talented artists from Qikiqtarjuaq include Jamesee Natsiapik, Tony Atsanik and Kisa Audlaktak.