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About Us

Canadian Arctic Producers is the wholesale art marketing arm of Arctic Co-operatives Limited, a co-operative service organization owned and controlled by the 33 community-based, multi-purpose Co-operatives in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories,  Yukon and Saskatchewan.  Arctic Co-operatives Limited is dedicated to providing services and business development opportunities to communities throughout Canada’s north.


With the development of the art-producing Co-operatives, Canadian Arctic Producers originated in 1965 and continues to work proudly and exclusively with Inuit and Dene artists to promote the finest selection of their art and distinctive culture around the world.

Being a co-operative organization, the benefits derived from the sale of these fine art pieces are returned to the individual member-owners of the Co-operatives and to the artists who create the unique stories of this historic frontier. 

As the Art Marketing wholesale arm of the Co-op system, Canadian Arctic Producers plays an important role in the Inuit Art industry, improving the economic well being of Member Co-ops and artists by providing long-term return through effective business practices. Our mandate is to preserve, promote and protect Inuit Art by acting as an intermediary between the remote northern communities we support and southern markets.  

Co-operatives in the Arctic share a universal vision of people working together to improve their overall well-being. This vision is pursued through a range of activities focused on values of concern for community, fairness, equality, self-responsibility and mutual self-help, providing ordinary people with a voice, as well as opportunities to impact community advantage and prosperity.  

Canadian Arctic Producers is Inuit owned and all of the benefits derived from the sale of art created by our member artists is returned to our members throughout the Canadian Arctic.